I’ve noticed a pattern in recent energy shifts & feel guided to share in case you also resonate.

Along with the fluctuation of Schumman spikes and blackouts lately, there appears to be prominent aches & pains accompanying them. I’ve felt this myself & heard from others who have shared experiences.

What I’m observing is a collective Kundalini rising.

Physically, I noticed at the beginning of July that many were complaining of ‘issues’ related to the lower chakras. Stomach complaints, bloating, digestive problems, hip pain, etc.

Mid-month, the energy hit the heart chakra, creating pain in the upper back, shoulders & chest.

Last week many were experiencing sore throats, a sense of itchiness or restriction, swollen glands and/or neck issues.

This week, the third eye area is affected. Headaches, migraine, head & ear pressure, sinus issues & dizziness.

These symptoms & the order in which they’re occurring are all indicative of the pattern in which Kundalini rises.

Starting at the Root Chakra, Kundalini is depicted as a serpent energy that lies dormant/asleep at the base of our spine. It is your Universal Life Force energy, connecting you to all that is.

Once awakened it travels upwards, through our Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye & Crown Chakra, connecting us with our Etheric Chakras so we can embody our Higher Self.

Even if you’ve experienced Kundalini awakenings in the past, these waves occur again & again; clearing the channel & cleansing our energetic field more & more. This occurs to help us embody our light & return to our purest nature.

It is not a one time event.

I will share more on my personal experience of Kundalini awakening in the future, for those interested. It has been an amazingly transformational journey.

But in the meantime, if you resonate with this & sense that you are in the midst of great inner and outer change, be patient with yourself & this process. As the physical aches & pains occur, emotions & past memories may surface to be processed. Trust that it’s all occurring for your greatest good & any discomfort will pass.

Feel free to DM if you have any questions or are struggling with these energies.

Also seek medical advice or request a health check if you are concerned about physical symptoms.

Sending love, light & healing vibes to all 🙏🏻💜🌟




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