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Luna Wisdom holds a comfortable, supportive space to relax and be present. In a nurturing environment, we cleanse and balance, promoting a return to one's authentic self. 

Reiki enhances the mind and body's own natural healing, supporting self-development and spiritual well-being. At Luna Wisdom we combine Reiki with Authenticity Healing,  exploring what has held you back and guiding you to reconnect with your true inner power. 

For further information, or to book a session in Hillingdon, West London, contact suzanne@lunawisdom.co.uk, or use the tab below to access our online appointment calendar.


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I wanted to try a few Reiki sessions with Suzanne at Luna Wisdom in an attempt to lower my stress levels. We spoke about my expectations and intentions for the sessions before we started. The first session was a real eye-opener, and I was amazed at how much lighter and more balanced I felt after each  session. Thanks Suzanne!

~ Dan

 When I was suffering from intense anxiety and panic attacks I sought  help from Luna wisdom and was given Reiki from an experienced and fully  certified practitioner, it really helped and always left feeling very centred. Highly recommend.

~ OJ 

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