Embrace the Unknown

Originally shared October 15th, 2019.

We’re all in such a hurry to get somewhere, be someone, achieve something, know what the f*k is going on!

Without realising it, we’ve created a checklist for our life... ‘when I do this, I can do this’ and ‘when I’ve sorted that, I’ll be ready for that’.

It’s a destination dependency.

Simply another way to avoid sitting with ourselves, dealing with the present moment and another way to escape our feelings.

The reality is, you may never do that thing you’re spending countless hours obsessing over. You may never hit the goal that your mind insists will bring you ultimate fulfilment, because you’re so busy focussing on the end result, you’ve ignored the path that’s lighting the way in the NOW, the stepping stone signs that are illuminating your TRUE path right under your feet in the present moment.

When you fall in love with where you are, when you truly embrace the messy uncertainty of ‘I don’t know’, that’s when synchronistic events unfold to guide you forward.
Maybe you are exactly where you’re meant to be, perhaps all that’s occurring in your life right now is part of the unfolding of your future, preparing you for what’s to come... and let’s be honest, none of us really know what that is!

The future is an illusion! The here and now is our reality!

Everything can change in the blink of an eye, and yet we hold on to a fantasy life out there somewhere, where it will all make sense one day.

And perhaps it will all make sense one day, just as when we look back on our life right now, we can see why certain events had to happen, to lead us to where we are right now. But how many of those events happened the way you planned?

I’m guessing for many, life hasn’t quite worked out the way you dreamed of as a child? But what occurred instead was what you needed, not what you wanted.
Think of the blessings you have received as a result of those ebbs and flows, think of the strong and resilient person you have become, think of the people you can now help out of their darkness, all because life took some divinely orchestrated twists and turns.

When we believe we are in control, holding on to those reins for dear life, something or someone will soon come along to slap us into humility. And isn’t that great!? Isn’t it a relief to know we don’t have to have it all figured out?

Ultimately life’s going to flow where it needs us to go, we’re just along for the ride, occasionally allowed to take the steering wheel.
That’s not to say we can’t have hopes and dreams and aspirations, far from it! But the joy is in the journey, the destination in this present moment is the path that’s unfolding, here and now.
The footwork, the next step, is right under your nose. Don’t miss it because your focus is far off in the distance.

Things may not work out the way you’d planned, but when you heed what’s in your heart, feel the power of now, life may just surprise you and deliver something even better!

~ Suzi 💜

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