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Reiki, Crystals, Himalayan Salt and Essential Oils

Welcome to Luna Wisdom

At Luna Wisdom we cleanse and balance energy, to promote a return to one's authentic self.

Reiki Healing and natural minerals, such as Crystals and Essential Oils, will aid you in the return to your truth and purpose.

Everyone is made of energy, as is everything surrounding us. 

Sometimes we absorb emotions that are not our own, and often our past feelings lie dormant, causing a variety of physical and emotional problems. Self-care often becomes secondary and overthinking dominates. This can leave one feeling stuck and separated from their inner-wisdom and intuition.

In a nurturing environment, we help you discover what's held you back, hold space for inner-healing, and reconnect you to your authentic power.


"Holding the healing space"

Reiki is a safe and natural Japanese technique for relaxation and stress-relief, working to restore your natural energetic balance. It nurtures the mind and body's own natural healing, and enhances mental clarity, self-development and spiritual well-being.

'Rei' refers to 'spiritual wisdom and universal consciousness', while 'Ki' translates to 'life force energy', which flows through all living organisms (also known as Chi or Prana).

Luna Wisdom holds a comfortable, supportive space to relax, be present and open to healing. 

For further information, or to book a session in Hillingdon, West London, contact suzanne@lunawisdom.co.uk, or use the tab below to access our online appointment calendar.

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Essential Oil, Crystal Jewelerry

Luna Wisdom presents Crystals, Handmade Jewellery, Salts and Essential Oils, to assist in the process of cleansing and balancing. Our range strengthens personal healing and purifies the energy in your home and surroundings.

This enhances the Reiki experience and compliments one's intention to restore natural well-being.

All Crystals and Oils are 100% natural and infused with Reiki Energy. Crystal Jewellery is available bespoke, to suit your needs and size requirements. 

For further information, such as advice on crystals/oils for particular ailments, contact suzanne@lunawisdom.co.uk, or browse our products using the tab below...

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