Shadow Work

Originally shared September 1st, 2019

The beauty of stepping into our personal power is that life on life’s terms no longer has the dominance to scare us.

Whether we’re required to embrace our light or dark, dance with the angels or the devil, visit heaven or hell... They all become par for the course of growth.

We’ve experienced the descent to the underworld, tangoed in the depths and surrendered to the shadows, rising again and again from that innermost cave.

The dark, the devil and hell, they could not break us. We transcend with more wisdom and self-awareness, we shed layers of belief that no longer serve us, each and every time.

If that’s where life takes us in order to reach a desired destination, then so be it.

We trust in the process and have faith in the necessity of lessons, becoming ever more our authentic, loving selves, dedicated to shining a guiding light for others on this healing path of truth. 


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