The Heart Chakra

Originally shared April 17th, 2019

When browsing the Internet, I notice a lot of misinformation about the Heart Chakra (Anahata). Memes and articles that state this chakra is blocked by grief are misleading, for grief is not an emotion to ‘clear’, rise above, or be spiritually bypassed.
The chest-tightening pain of grief is present to be recognised, felt and expressed.

Only REPRESSED grief blocks the Chakras.

When we avoid grieving, the Heart Chakra burns (which can also radiate to the shoulders) and we may experience a ‘lump in our throat’ (energy that needs to be released). This can cause various physical illnesses, as well as Anxiety and Depression symptoms.

Anyone who has lost a loved one, whether through bereavement, abandonment or separation, knows the sense of heartache well, knows that the term ‘broken-hearted’ is not an over-exaggeration.
What I’ve learnt on my personal journey is that grief and love are one and the same. We cannot experience one without the other. Grief is quite simply overwhelming love with nowhere to go. A love that fills the Heart Chakra so expansively, it feels that it will burst from our chest.

We are blessed to experience this kind of unconditional love, even if when in pain it may not feel that way, one day we will realise this truly beautiful truth. This gratitude can fill us once we process the love and loss, recognise that our unconditional love is not reliant on our lost love’s physical presence, and give ourselves permission to love and grieve openly and without fear.

If our grief has been repressed for many years, it may take outside help to process and excavate the trapped emotions, energetically and mentally, through the body and mind. But Meditation and faith in a Higher Power will guide you and assist along the way.

Simply acknowledging that you are a human-being and your emotions are valid, that expressing them does not make you bad or weak in anyway... in fact quite the opposite; fully meeting and embracing yourself exactly where you are signifies huge amounts of courage and strength!

You will not break, it may feel like it at times, but that is you breaking open, just as a seed does, in order to fully grow and bloom.
As you release the ‘stuck’ emotions in your Chakras and body, you will begin to realise that what you feared was a break-down, is in actual fact a break-through.


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