Hematite, Black Onyx & Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Hematite, Black Onyx & Tiger's Eye Bracelet

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Tiger's Eye ~ A 'feel better' and 'go for it' stone. Good for intuition, courage, new beginnings, meditation. Brings wealth, yin/yang balance and left/right brain balance.

Physically ~ Good for digestion, nausea, vision, eye disease and broken bones. 

Emotionally/Spiritually ~ Good for balance, calm and grounding. Helps fear, worry, depression, negativity, inhibition and introversion.

Hematite ~ Good for mental processes; thinking, memory, dexterity and math/numbers.

Physically ~ Good for the spleen, blood, vertebrae. Helps anemia, backache, broken bones, fractures, blood clots, travel sickness, jet lag, insomnia, cramps and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME).

Emotionally/Spiritually ~ Brings strength, love, courage and personal magnetism.

Black Onyx ~ Good for decision-making, brings luck and happiness.

Physically ~ Good for bone marrow and feet.

Emotionally/Spiritually ~ Helps with grief and lack of self-control and taking charge of situations. Good for yin/yang balance, contact with your higher power and highest self, and connecting you to your roots.